Akụkọ - Bamboo socks with African pride

Through community and collaboration, we create space for African stories and make sustainable socks to carry our messages to the world.

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What if a pair of socks could start a conversation?

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Socks that empower

Akụkọ means story in igbo language. With our roots in Nigeria and our feet in Sweden, we create vibrant bamboo socks that carries stories which connects the African diaspora with the motherland. Through storytelling, aesthetics, movement and style we celebrate and highlight “Afropresentism” - the black presence in diaspora.

Sustainable production & local partnership

The socks are produced by our friends at the Malmö based company Malmö Screen Print. The founders are Swedes with African and Bangladeshi roots respectively. To have full control over the production and working conditions, they are running their own sustainable socks knitting unit in Bangladesh.

Bamboo: for the quality & the climate

Akụkọ wants to strengthen communities, and that includes all part of the production chain. That's why we have chosen to produce our socks in bamboo. Cotton cultivation is infamous for its depravation of land and heavy use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and excessive use of water, which has destroyed and displaced local communities all over the world.

Latest collection

Collection #001

The Ogene collection

The first collection is inspired by a musical instrument called ogene. The ogene is much more than a musical instrument. It is used by the town cryer to call for gatherings in the villages.